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"Wow, this has never been done before. They must be the real deal." ~ Every marketer everywhere, probably

You came here...

because you were curious.

We like curious.

Ever heard Big Mama Thornton’s recording of “Hound Dog”? Great song. Would recommend.

We bring it up because, near the end, a musician is heard barking.

When asked about this seemingly inspired moment during an interview, the backup man reportedly said: “I was going to meow, but that was too hip for them.”

And therein lies the secret to clients surviving in today’s ever-crowded landscape.

To bark at the end of a song called “Hound Dog” is clever, but not necessarily genius or unpredictable. It’s just clever enough for people to think they are buying into something creative. It’s the safe side of risky.

But to meow is inspired.

Meowing has edge, a backstory. It stays with you after the music has left.

We as an industry are often too tempted by the bark––the safe one.

Mischief meows.

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