You came here because you were curious.

like curious.

When we were all little, we imagined impossible things because no one had yet told us what impossible was.

We had freedom from “The Practical” and the dumb-ass confidence to be ingenious. Unexpected was part of the adventure.

But somewhere between that wide open space and slide 62 of the latest deck, that part got managed out.

Taking chances began to feel scary. What we should do started to seem more important than what we could do.

The safe route led to expected places, quietly settling into comfortable ports. Not a wave was stirred.

Comfortable soon became complacent.

At Mischief, we have no interest in complacent. Or words like “should” that lead there.

We’ve long since traded our sacred cows for a handful of magic beans.

We’re in this to make waves. To stir things up.

We’re going to create a safe space for dangerous ideas. We’re going to play. We’re going to make some people uncomfortable. We’re going to bring the joy back. And we’re going to discover.

What we believe to be true:
We are servants to our magic, not to margins.

The new rules will be written by those not bound by the old ones.

A select few people gathered around the same mission will always beat a hoard of people, each with a different mission.

Just because it’s easier than ever to create doesn’t mean it’s easier to create something good.*

The things you say no to are as important as the things you say yes to.*

You will never go wrong by doing the right thing. Always.

It’s often the quiet ones.

Freedom to fail is cool, but freedom to excel is even cooler.

The earth is round.

What we know to be true:

All of the above. Except for the last one. There seems to be some debate about that one.

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